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In her essay “Does Texting Affect Writing?” Michaela Cullington addresses the issue of text messaging in all likelihood inflicting terrible communication talents and using textspeak, abbreviations used during text messaging such as “LOL” and “g2g,” in students' formal writing. Cullington argues that “texting virtually has a minimal impact on.

Does Texting Affect Writing By Michaela Cullington 739 Words | 3 Pages. Patrick Angyal English 1013 September 6, 2017 Summary Essay In Michaela Cullington's essay titled, “Does Texting Affect Writing?” the author tests the ongoing question of how today's youth handles the effects of texting in the education system.

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Students know the difference between texting friends on their phone and writing formally for a essayor just a normal summary. In the end texting is just a new thing to make communication easier and does not really have any affects on someone's writing skills. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Your time is important.

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The essay “Does Texting Affect Writing?” in They Say, I say exposes how the significant action of texting and using textspeak, i.e. abbreviations and symbols, may be hindering the writing skills of teenaged students. People communicate using textese to “more quickly type what they are trying to say” (Cullington, 2017, p. 361).

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