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In Michaela Cullington'sarticle “Does texting affect writing?” she talks about how texting can affect peoples writing skills. She talks about both sides of the argument some people think that it has negative effects and another group of people who think it might have positive effects.

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The essay “Does Texting Affect Writing?” in They Say, I say exposes how the significant action of texting and using textspeak, i.e. abbreviations and symbols, may be hindering the writing skills of teenaged students. People communicate using textese to “more quickly type what they are trying to say” (Cullington, 2017, p. 361).

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Does Texting Affect Writing By Michaela Cullington 739 Words three Pages. Patrick Angyal English 1013 September 6, 2017 Summary Essay In Michaela Cullington's essay titled, “Does Texting Affect Writing?” the author assessments the continued question of how today's youth handles the effects of texting inside the training device.

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Analysis Of Does Texting Affect Writing By Michaela Cullington 502 Words | 3 Pages. In “Does Texting Affect Writing,” essay student Michaela Cullington outlines the concerns about textspeak, and whether it hinders students formal writing abilities; she reviews her own personal research and observations, as well as expert research.

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Cullington argues that texting does no longer have an effect on a college students writing. Textspeak, the abbreviation and shortening of words like used while writing a text message, does have an effect on the way a pupil writes because they use the abbreviations, and their writings tend to lack punctuation. When a writer uses excessive abbreviations on a regular

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