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The new education policy must provide to all students, irrespective of their place of residence, a quality education system, with particular focus on historically marginalized, disadvantaged, and underrepresented groups. Education is a great leveler and is the best tool for achieving economic and social mobility, inclusion, and equality.

Out of all the federal government departments, the Department of Education has the smallest staff, even today. It has well over 4,000 employees.

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Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has stated that we can make the young people so skillful that they automatically get employment. Education that cannot make a person succesful and self-based in earning.

DUTA holds protest against implementation of new education policy – The Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) on Tuesday held a protest against the implementation of the New Education.

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The New Education Policy was released under the Government of India's Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) on 30 July 2020. With the motto of Educate Encourage Enlighten, this is the first education policy to be released in the last 34 years in India. The aim of the policy is to prepare the children of India with 21st century skills.

The new education policy is the reworking of the earlier national education policy. It is the change of the entire system of education by new structural outlines. The vision laid in the New Education Policy is turning the system into a high-spirited and energetic one. There must be an effort in making the learner responsive and skilled.

The two earlier education policies were brought in 1968 and 1986. Aspirants should read about New Education Policy along with other education-related topics to holistically cover this article. Such similar articles are linked below:

The new education policy in 2020 came after 30 years and is all set to change the existing academic system of India with the purpose of making it at par with the international standard of academic. The Government of India aims to set up the NEP by the year 2040. Till the targeted year, the key point of the plan is to be implemented one by one.

The New Education Policy proposed in 2020, approved by the government will definitely be a landmark within the history of education among Asian nations. The policy is holistic, comprehensive, so hawk-eyed and can definitely play a significant role within the nation's future growth and development.

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Explained: What’s new in higher education – Delhi University has approved a four-year undergraduate course from next year as part of the new National Education Policy.

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