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May 10, 2017.

You should start writing when you are ready. You can take an entire day for this preparation. Even if it takes you two days, so be it,

How can students submit their answers ? · Write Answer on a piece of white A4 sheet. · Take clear Photograph of the answer sheet or scan the page using any page.

The answer writing practise for UPSC 2021 should incorporate most frequently asked questions to be effective. In the following paragraphs, we will explain what is the 7-5-3 rule for answer writing in Mains. The 7-5-3 Rule of Answer Writing. The name of this rule is taken from the code of discipline that many martial artists use.

As you know, UPSC seeks more quality answers so without wasting the time on rewriting some points, write approximately 15 words per mark. So, for a 12 marks question you have to write a 150 word answer in approximately 6 minutes. Keep your answers point wise: Instead of writing answers in big paragraphs, it is better to write in points.

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Can you please tell from when TLP connect mains answer writing practise 2021 will start ? Gagana Kumar • 1 year ago. Is there offline class for upcoming.

New aspirants should start preparing answer writing practice once a week when they start preparing for UPSC (10-12 months) and then increase till they to it.

It is best to start from where you are and with what you know. · The best part about this examination is that it is a leveler. · Initially, websites like.

UPSC Mains Preparation Strategy, UPSC CSE Mains, IAS Mains.

Also, if time permits, you can start with your initial answer writing practice after you are.

First read course material, preferably revise it too and then start answer writing. Say, you start answer writing 6 months into your preparation and write 1-2 answers per day for the next 6 months, then you will end up practicing 180-360 questions, i.e. 9-18 Papers! Also Read: Preparation Tips for Answer Writing Practice. How to Start Answer.

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