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It comes back to one of those benefits of typing your notes, actually. Since people can type faster than they can write, they also tend to be able to take down all or most of the information presented without having to filter it. While on the surface, this seems like a major advantage, it comes with a disadvantage as well.

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While writing is implemented via directing the motion of a pen with idea, typing diminishes this hassle altogether. This is why kids have a tendency to examine typing quicker than writing. Sure, typing isn't as mentally taxing as writing, and computer notes may be churned out an awful lot quicker.

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It may seem silly but writing rather than typing is a better test of your spelling. Typing can make it too easy to become reliant upon the powers of spell checker. If you are writing out notes or an assignment and become unsure how to spell a word, actively looking up the word's spelling is a good practice.

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Depends what you're writing I think. With handwriting you're not constantly pressing backspace trying to get every sentence perfect, instead, you write the piece and then you can edit afterwards. That way you don't disrupt your creativity and you can get a much better flow of writing.

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