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If I were a tree, then I would have given fresh oxygen to breathe, colorful flowers to adorn people, fruits to eat, and would have acted as a medicine too when required. My leaves would give them shadow for shelter. It is the tree from where papers are made; furniture are made from the woods and also used for many other needs.

Fragments of dream imagery from the work of Breton and Césaire had been decreased to picture design elements that were positioned.

If I had been a tree, I would have furnished sunglasses and nest to all individuals who lives around me. Birds could have observed a sweet domestic inner me. I will inhale masses of carbon dioxide and exhale clean oxygen for all dwelling matters round me. My legs will penetrate deep into the soil and will suck water thru my roots to quench my thirst.

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As Princess Beatrice claims dyslexia is a ‘gift’, TV presenter Rebecca Wilcox says.

Bea’s wrong: we shouldn’t wish dyslexia on anyone – Rebecca Wilcox recalls being teased for being dyslexic while studying at Oxford University, after Princess Beatrice said her.

My fantastic-grandmother changed into nonetheless cooking for herself at age one hundred! My mother and I had constantly been so near. We are 5th-generation.

Creative Writing: I Am A Tree. Satisfactory Essays. 479 Words. 1 Page. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Sitting right here all by myself where I became placed for exact, watching all of the specific varieties of vehicles enter the parking zone, wondering in the event that they have noticed me on the dirt surrounded with the aid of all of the colorful and extraordinary styles of natural world.

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If I had been a Tree Essay in English – “He who plant life a tree vegetation a hope”. Trees are the source of existence. If I were a tree, I might have loved to be a fruit tree in a garden. I could had been the son of mother Nature.

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