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If I were the Prime Minister! Essay: The well-known quote with the aid of John Quincy Adams, “If your moves encourage others to dream extra, do more and emerge as more, you’re a leader,” encouraged me to have a robust desire to become a Prime Minister of India in order that my movements not best inspires people but creates a revolutionary trade.

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If I Were the Prime Minister of India Essay in English – India being a democratic united states holds a very critical role in the world. In truth, she is the biggest democracy within the world. It is but natural that every citizen can wish of turning into the top minister of the u . S . A .

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Prime Imaginative Minister Were If I On A Essay. From the very first second I held you, I. Looking on the economies and world around us, it could be seen that countries promote opposition for the motives that assets are constrained and it might finally inside the pleasant hobby of the society to maximise utilisation of assets.

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Essay No. 03. If I Were the Prime Minister! If needs have been granted, I could absolutely wish to emerge as a Prime Minister. But the office of Prime Minister seems so remote from the attain of an normal scholar like me. Still, I have my own views about how a Prime Minister need to be like.

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“We need hundreds extra (marketers) in diverse sectors, no longer just Internet and IT led sectors. If Prime Minister Narendra.

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