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We are always in sync with the UPSC syllabus for Mains & Prelims and our experts.

General Studies Answer Writing Programme- Think Learn and Perform (TLP).

Be Mains Ready will cover the syllabus through a guided approach and with everyday answer writing practice.

Starting from 2nd November 2020.

When and how to start your answer writing practice for your UPSC Mains Exam 2021 and how should your ideal answer for the descriptive type UPSC questions look like? Learn more.

New aspirants should start preparing answer writing practice once a week when they start preparing for UPSC (10-12 months) and then increase till they to it.

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When to start. Start after you have broadly covered some GS and have some foundation in current affairs/static portion of GS. For example, if you have covered some polity and GS 2 topics and have a decent idea about this portion, you can start with answer writing on GS 2 topics at least.

How to start preparation for upsc CIVIL services exam? Answer Writing Strategy for UPSC / IAS GS Mains – How to start answer writing For Beginner By Veer.

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How can students submit their answers ? · Write Answer on a piece of white A4 sheet. · Take clear Photograph of the answer sheet or scan the page using any page.

The Answer Writing Courses course is delivered in Hinglish. In this special class series, Deepanshu Singh will discuss answer writing practice and strategy which will be helpful for aspirants of 2021 and 2022.

How one should start answer writing ? When you start your preparation ,try to write from your own. Example:- After reading the editorials from the After few months when you get hold by reading ncert or the baisc books ,you can attempt previous year question of UPSC or you can use online platforms.

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