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This handout will help you understand and write for the appropriate audience when you write an academic essay. Audience matters. When you're in the process of writing a paper, it's easy to forget that you are actually writing to someone. Whether you've thought about it consciously or not, you always write to an audience: sometimes your.

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The audience is the reader of the essay. While anyone that reads an essay can be considered a part of the audience, the target audience is the group of readers the essay was intended to reach.

Still on WASSCE: Between argumentative essays and debates – The reason is that, in the argumentative essay, your reader or marker is your only audience. No co-debater In the argumentative essay, you do not have an opponent or a co-debater. So, in the process.

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Steps to Write a Successful Literary Analysis Essay – No matter your major, the chances are that at some point in your academic life you’ll be assigned a literary analysis essay.

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